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Beware the American bullfrog!

American bullfrogs are a serious threat to the habitats they invade. Colonization of lakes by American bullfrogs leads to sharp declines in the native red-legged frog and pacific chorus frog populations.Not only do they displace native frogs by outcompeting and depleting food sources of native frogs, they also eat the young of many other native species, even snakes and ducklings. They als

o can spread pathogens into local drinking water systems.

The American bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus or Rana catesbeiana) has a large robust body that can reach 20 centimeters in length. They are green or brown and have yellow or pale cream-to-white throats.

The Pender Islands Conservancy has collaborated with Parks Canada and other groups to address the invasive American bullfrog problem. Eradication attempts were initiated, but without the support of a few landowners with ponds, the bullfrogs spread again very quickly, and new initiatives are currently on hold.

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