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2020 - Earth Day Beach Clean-up

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

A big thank you to all those who helped out with the Pender Islands Conservancy Beach and Roadside Clean-up. The event had been postponed from April due to COVID-19 restrictions, and folks were encouraged to clean their beaches or roadsides during the summer and to bring down their collected debris to the drop off site on September 12. Our volunteer numbers were down somewhat from previous years, likely due to COVID-19 and the poor air quality on collection day caused by the smoke from wildfires in the western United States. This does not mean, however, that people did not clean their beaches, some have decided to keep their collected debris for next spring, while others disposed of it earlier at their own expense. Certainly, those who came to drop garbage off and those who worked at the drop off site were very enthusiastic.

Epic effort was invested by some. For example Derek Holzapel hauled a large and very heavy barnacle-encrusted hot water tank up the long, steep stairwell from the beach at Ancia Road. John Mcleod hauled to s

hore at Medicine Beach one of the largest (and heaviest) pieces of Styrofoam that we have ever seen with his stand-up paddleboard! Three cheers also to the Pender Island Walking Group and others who cleaned the roadsides of the main road from Otter Bay all the way to the end of Gowland Point Road.

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Slow Coast Coffee, who served complimentary coffee and treats for the volunteers. Thanks also to the volunteers who worked at the drop off site helping people get their debris into the bin, sorting recycling, and directing traffic. We also appreciate the support of the RCMSAR, the businesses of the Medicine Beach Centre, Pender Island Disposal Services, and the CRD.

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