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Exploring and protecting biodiversity on S,DÁYES

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Welcome to our new page for exploring the invasive and native species found on S,DÁYES, also known as the Pender Islands.

Nestled in the waters of the Salish Sea, these islands boast a unique ecosystem teeming with both native flora and fauna, as well as invasive species that challenge their delicate balance. Whether you're a biologist, a nature enthusiast, or a concerned local resident, this page will share information on the remarkable biodiversity of the region. This is a growing page, new information will be added as it is completed.

Discover the intricacies of these island ecosystems, from the enchanting native species that call them home to the challenges posed by invasive interlopers. Join us in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural wonders that grace our home.

Invasive Storybooks

Biodiversity is important for the resilience and stability of ecosystems, as it ensures a variety of species that can adapt to environmental changes.

Invasive species disrupt ecosystems by outcompeting and often displacing native species, leading to reduced biodiversity and ecosystem imbalances. Click on the buttons below to learn about invasives on the Pender Islands and what you can do.

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Native Species


Native species are crucial for biodiversity as they help maintain the delicate balance of local ecosystems. Native plants provide essential habitat and food sources for local wildlife, supporting a diverse range of species and ensuring the survival of many native animals and insects.

By planting native species, you actively contribute to the preservation of the unique character and heritage of your region. Native plants have evolved over thousands of years to thrive in specific local conditions, making them an essential part of our area's natural heritage and cultural identity. To find out about some of the native plants on the Pender Islands, click on the button below.

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