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Ursula would be proud!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the 3rd annual Ursula Poepel Broom Bash a success.

A big thank you to:

Ron Henshaw for taking on the composting and moving of the huge pile of broom from the Danny Martin parking lot.

Bruce McConchie, who worked tirelessly to help organize hauling and more often than not was hauling and bashing the broom himself.

Pender Islands Parks and Recreation(and the baseball fans who parked around the broom) for the use of the Danny Martin parking lot.

The bashers who came out to KELÁ_EKE Kingfisher Forest, George Hill, Valley Home Farm Trail and the Pender Island Cemetary.

The volunteer haulers, who picked up and dropped of so many loads of broom. They somehow kept filling the trucks and trailers with more broom than we thought possible.

You, who bashed your own broom or helped a neighbour.

Everyone who participated in making our island a little greener, reduced our fire hazard, and helped give native species a fighting chance.

We also would like to thank the Pender Island Choral Society. The choir was another passion of Ursula's and many won't forget Ursula's Stille Nacht at the Christmas concert! In honour of Ursula, they have dedicated the proceeds from their spring concerts on the weekend to the Pender Island Conservancy !

DAY 1: It all started at KELÁ_EKE Kingfisher Forest with volunteers and our partners from Raincoast Conservation.

The pile at on Day 1 at Danny Martin Parking lot.

Getting a bit bigger!

Many Penderites shared their concerns about the broom on George Hill. On May 27, volunteers, including Dr. Don and Pam above, went to bash.

The steep slope after Dr. Don and Pam finished!

With the help of these 2 super bashers, Ralph and Phil, and the energy of the Pender Island Schools grade 8 and 9 class, a lot of broom came down off that hill.

On the final day of the bash, volunteers from Katimavik and last years Pender summer staff, Meredith, Aislyn and Callum, came to help clear the broom at the Valley Home Farm Trail and the Pender Island Cemetery.

We are already planning for next year! What do you think are the priority public lands that need broom removed?

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