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Of all the things we do, what's important to you!

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

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What do we do?

The Pender Islands Conservancy Association is a group of people who value and appreciate the natural beauty of the Pender Islands and the surrounding Salish Sea, and understand the importance of preserving the varied habitats found here. Our mandate is to endeavour to safeguard the evolution of our natural environment in balance with increasing human presence.

Pender Islands Conservancy volunteers and staff engage in a wide variety of projects and activities that aim to:

  • Promote awareness and understanding of the natural environment of the Pender Islands and the impact of expanding human activities on this environment through supporting community education initiatives.

  • Foster engagement of the community in participating in conservation, restoration and research activities on the Pender Islands, our shores and the surrounding Salish Sea.

We are a registered land trust, committed to ecological conservation and stewardship through land acquisition and covenants. Many of our projects involve collaboration with other organizations concerned with the stewardship of vulnerable habitats around the Gulf Islands and the Salish Sea.

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