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Fire Risk Reduction And Healthy Forests

The Pender Islands Conservancy (lead by Lisa Baile), with permission from Transition Salt Spring, has revised their brochure entitled “How do Healthy Forests Reduce the Risk of Wildfires?”, to make it specifically applicable for Pender Island.

This visually striking and informative brochure provides information about the pathways through which healthy forest cover helps to protect soils, groundwater, and surface water, stores and absorbs carbon, buffers against drought and flooding, reduces air temperature and evaporative water loss, and provides fire resistance through increased moisture storage and by supporting growth of a naturally fire-resistant native shrub understory.

Our community is increasingly becoming concerned about how individual land holders can contribute to fire resilience in our neighbourhoods, and this brochure provides detailed suggestions for tangible actions individuals can take to achieve this goal.

Erin O’Brien

Transition SSI - 3-Fold Brochure PENDER PRESS (2)
Download PDF • 2.34MB

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