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Thank you Pender Island! We had a great response to the "Double Your Impact for Conservation" Campaign

Updated: Jan 8

Great news! In November, a generous donor offered to match all donations made until the end of the year. The community response was amazing, and we are thrilled to announce that we reached our goal! These funds will help support our land protection, restoration, education and research programs in 2024. A heartfelt thanks to all who donated!

Shoreline protected by a conservation covenant on North Pender Island

Ecological education and outreach at the Saturday Farmer's Market

Ecological monitoring at Hope Bay

Remember, there are many other ways you can support the work the Conservancy does throughout the year: Select #5 on the Tru Value spirit board, renew your membership for 2024, ask us about volunteer opportunities, share your own expertise on guided nature walks or in articles published on our website, become a citizen scientist and help collect data for our ecological monitoring programs, and support local artisans as well as Conservancy programs by visiting our Nature Centre gift shop.

Inspecting native wildflowers in a Garry oak meadow: Naturalist walks with the Pender Conservancy

We are a registered charity, and rely on our strong community of supporters to help keep our programs going. Thanks to all who helped us reach our goal.

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