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Creating Habitat: Eelgrass Planting

June 1 - 4 2021, Divers planted 1700 shoots of eelgrass to create marine habitat in Hope Bay and in Bedwell Harbour off of Medicine Beach, creating habitat for many species of small marine creatures.

The eelgrass shoots were harvested by Seachange Marine Conservation Society divers from healthy meadows at Welcome Bay. They were careful to remove only the number of shoots that would allow the meadows to recover easily. Each eelgrass shoot was then prepped for replanting by Pender Islands Conservancy staff and volunteers. A small weight was attached to the shoots to help hold them into their new spots on the seabed. Then the divers replanted the shoots into Hope Bay and Bedwell Harbour where they will provide marine creatures with shelter, food, and a place to lay eggs and hide from predators. Many of these small animals are crucial species of the marine food web, supporting many larger species including salmon, seals and, ultimately, whales. Many thanks to the volunteers and staff of Seachange and the Conservancy, and to Poet's Cove Resort, which provided excellent accommodation to the divers at no charge.

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