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A clean start for Earth day

Thank you to all who participated in the Pender |Islands Conservancy Earth Day Clean-up On April 17, 2021. Over 100 people scoured the shores and roadsides of North and South Pender Island, picking up litter, marine debris, plastics and other garbage and deposited 1,020 kilos into the bins. Most of the Island's beaches were cleaned, as well as the roads from Otter Bay right down to Gowland Point. Volunteers retrieved a lot of very large pieces of Styrofoam, and other plastics from our beaches. This has prevented that plastic from breaking down into smaller pieces that would potentially have been eaten by fish, seabirds, marine mammals and many other animals. Ropes, wire, fishing line, and other debris that our volunteers removed, will no longer be able to entangle marine mammals.

Thank you to all our volunteers for their time and enthusiasm, to the community groups who pitched in, to Slow Coast Coffee for providing cookies and coffee, to the Medicine Beach Centre for allowing us to use their parking lot again this year,

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