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We Need Your Input: Developing A Management Plan For S,DÁYES Flycatcher Forest

Last year, the Pender Island Conservancy and Raincoast purchased a 13-acre property on S,DÁYES or Pender Island. Now, we are seeking public input to inform the management and restoration plan for this property as a first step in developing the stewardship ethos that will govern this forest for generations.

This beautiful place is unique in that it supports several ecologically important features in a relatively small area. The wetland is an oasis for Pacific chorus frogs and a wide variety of birds, and is of great hydrological significance within the Buck Lake Reservoir watershed, storing large amounts of freshwater year-round and contributing to our community's climate change resilience. The land is adjacent to one of the few remaining contiguous forest stands on Pender, thereby maintaining some habitat connectivity in an otherwise largely fragmented landscape.

Let us know your thoughts!

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