Encouraging Conservation Covenants on Pender Islands

  • We are now co-covenant holders (with Islands Trust Fund) on 17 North Pender properties, plus the Mellander property (adjacent to the Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary) on which we hold the covenant independently. These covenanted properties total approximately 39 acres.

  • The Morrison Waxler Biodiversity Protection Legacy Fund helps property owners cover the cost of placing conservation covenants on their special places.  We are grateful for the generous contribution from the Morrison family who made this fund available to property owners on North and South Pender.  The Morrison Waxler Biodiversity Protection Legacy Fund is administered by the Islands Trust Fund.  For information on the fund and how to apply contact the Islands Trust Fund office at 1-250-405-5186 or at Islands Trust Fund

  • Several Pender covenants are under the Islands Trust Natural Areas Tax Exemption Program (NAPTEP), which provides a 65% reduction in property taxes on the covenanted land.

  • Several covenants are also registered under the Federal Ecological Gifts Program, whereby the value of the covenant offers a federal income tax advantage.

Protecting Private Land in the Islands Trust Area

Environment and Climate Change Canada - Ecological Gifts Program


Otter's Landing covenant


Woodwinds covenant


Ogden Road covenant

Ogden RoadP1050462 copy

Ogden Road covenant

Kikuchi signP3165525

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PICA’s annual Islands Trust Fund covenant monitoring allows us
to accompany Chris to check on some of the most beautiful,
 pristine properties on the Penders.

Tilley Point

Medicine Beach covenant

Shingle Creek Watershed reports and slideshow

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