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Please give your feedback on the revised Medicine Beach Nature Reserve
 management plan on this short questionnaire

lost rivers-BGCA poster rev Sep28'17

October 16  Burnside Gorge
Community Centre

What is an NMCAR?
Photos from January 17 2018 Forum
 A Community Groups meeting and presentation about the NMCAR was held at the Pender Islands Community Hall. Read Elizabeth's report here.

2017 Fall Fair Report

Pender Kelp Project
PICA’s second annual kelp mapping project
August 19, 20 and 23   Report and Photos


Jenna & John with the legendary “message in a bottle”
found on a Pender beach

Photos  from our 2017 Earth Day events

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Dianne & Ellen illustrate length of Pender bullfrog   Photos

Invasive Bullfrogs on Pender Island Parks Canada presentation Saturday May 6
Michelle PalecznyTara Sharma
Parks Canada GINPR
 Resource Conservation
Rylee Murray, PhD candidate.
 Stan Orchard in the rear.

Saturday  May 6  2 - 3:30 pm   Pender Community Hall


Thursday  May 4  7 pm  Hope Bay Studio  Guest speaker Garry Brooks
spoke about reforestation in Africa

April 22   Pender Islands
Poster designd by Clayton Meadows
More Information

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Sunday April 9  Saturna Island Community Hall

March 25  Saturna Island

On March 17 arborist Rob Maxwell cut down an old friend, an ancient
Medicine Beach arbutus whose exposed roots from recent saturating rains
indicated that it was a danger to hikers on the trail. 

We'll miss it.  Photos here

March 10  Saturna Island


PICA board members Graham (project leader), Davy, Nuala Murphy of the Islands Trust Fund, Ursula, Sara, Eleanor & Patti (Rhondda & Elizabeth were missed) in front of our Medicine Beach nature kiosk for a photo shoot for the Winter edition of
The Heron, the Islands Trust Fund newsletter.

Gorge Waterway Initiative   December 8   Victoria

November 26   Saturna Island

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November 26  Victoria

They’re big, they’re beautiful, and they’re back from the brink of extinction! 

Join PICA & POD October 1st at 4 pm at the Saint Peter’s Anglican Parish Hall 4703 Canal Road, North Pender Island, for a discussion on the return of Humpback Whales to BC’s Coast (free entry; doors open at 3:30 pm). Presenter Jackie Hildering is a researcher with the Marine Education and Research Society and wishes to share MERS’ research with those who are most often on or near the water and to discuss how we can work together to better understand these giants and the risks they face (for the sake of boater and whale safety). 

Information will include research on Humpback feeding and rate of entanglement, efforts to increase awareness around collision, and what to do if entanglement is witnessed. As an educator, avid diver and underwater photographer, Jackie is also known as “The Marine Detective” with recent on-camera experience including being featured on Animal Planet’s “Wild Obsession” series and in the BBC production “New threat to Canada's Pacific humpback whales?” She is the 2010 winner of the Vancouver Aquarium’s Murray Newman Award for Excellence in Aquatic Conservation.

If you can't make it to this time slot, Jackie will present again to the Kayak Alliance at the Browning Marina at 7 pm that day.

Presented by Pender Island Conservancy Association
in collaboration with Pender Ocean Defenders


Invasive Species Council of BC 
Free Watersheds & Invasive Species Planning Workshop

October 27  9 am - 1 pm (lunch included)
First Unitarian Church of Victoria, 5575 West Saanich Road, Victoria

Screenshot 2016-08-20 15.39.07
Triple Intent

2016 AGM

Thursday, May 5 at 7 pm
In the Anglican Parish Hall

PICA presents an evening with Chris Genovali

With a mission of “investigate, inform, and inspire,” Chris Genovali leads Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s creative and effective campaigns to protect the lands, waters, and wildlife of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest and Salish Sea.

Agenda for the 2016 Annual General Meeting

Minutes & Report from the 2015 AGM

Photos from our 2016 Earth Day Beach Cleanup

Patrick Johnstone poster


February 26  2015 Pender Community Centre
Dr. Geoff Holroyd presents “Burrowing Owls”




PICA’s National Energy Board Submission
Graham Boffey  VP/Stewardship Committee Chair

2015 October Medicine Beach party poster 2.docx

In 1995, after an amazing 8-month fundraising campaign, the community raised $533,997
 to secure the 20 acres of shoreline, marsh, bluff, and forested upland
 which form the Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary.

The Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary is 20 years old.  
PICA had a Birthday Beach Party on October 17th.
Photos by Eva and Davy

Turn Pt SOA
pender canal aerial-view

PICA 2015 Annual General Meeting
7pm Thursday May 7 at the Hope Bay Studio

The Archaeological Landscape
of the Penders 

by Jim Stafford, Coast Interior Archaeology 

Our May 7 presentation focussed on human use and occupation of the Pender Islands since the last “ice age" and touched upon sea level history, paleogeography and vegetation history of the islands, known Indigenous use of the landscape, and the known archaeological record.  Mr. Stafford and his family live on Pender Island.  Jim has over 20 years experience as an archaeologist in coastal BC, including providing services to public and private sectors as well as participating regularly in non-profit research. 

2015 Agenda
Last Year’s AGM Minutes

A big win for wild salmon

Thank you to the Ecojustice team
Savannah Carr-Wilson, Lara Tessaro, Margot Venton,
Morgan Blakley, Dyna Tuytle

Read about it here

The IMF calculates in a new report that fossil fuels are effectively being subsidised to the tune of $5.3 trillion a year when the impacts of air pollution and other societal costs are included.

Vancouver oil spill threat
to spawning smelt embyros

Marine Biologist Ramona de Graaf sifts through spawning gravel for surf smelt embryos in the Saanich Inlet. Embryos die naturally, so to determine what mortality might be due to the spill she is comparing samples from contaminated and non-contaminated beaches.      Read story here

PICA’s Salmon Committee members place chum eggs in
Hope Bay estuary


Forage Fish Monitoring at Shark Cove

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Pender islanders packed our Community Hall to view
Raincoast film 
Directly Affected
and participate in a panel discussion.  Read more

Hope Bay Salmon Stream Recovery Project
Daphne-pull November 11
, 2014

Net Zero Waste island-scale composting presentation
Saturday  October 25 photos & Presentation Data

Brooks Point Committee Awards September 16, 2014
at the South Pender Islands Trust Meeting

Forage Fish September 4 Report & Photos

North Pender Couple Donate Nighthawk Hill Conservation Covenant

Photos from

CBC  4Kids
January 4, 2014 

Watch a video 
by David Ohnona 
of the event

Climate Change EMERGENCY Countdown: What's Pender Island's Role?

Finally there's some good news on the climate change front -- but we have to act fast! Join Pender Island's Peter Carter (Climate Emergency Institute) and Julie Johnston (GreenHeart Education) for an evening presentation and discussion (with vital audience participation) for a video to be shown as part of a film event at the September 2014 New York City Climate Week (which coincides with the huge People's Climate March and the UN's Climate Summit, September 20-23). 

Tuesday, August 12 at 7:30 pm
Hope Bay Studio - Free; all welcome (suitable for 12+)

Peter is an expert reviewer for the IPCC's 2014 5th Assessment and has presented on committed climate change at many international science and climate conferences over the past few years.  Julie is a sustainability education consultant who blogs at Compassionate Climate Action.  They will present information and facilitate discussion about:

• crucial upcoming UN climate conferences: Sept 2014 New York UN Climate Summit, Dec 2014 Lima UN Climate Conference, Dec 2015 Paris UN Climate Conference

• the Climate Action Network (900 organizations) June 2014 climate negotiations position

• the IPCC 5th assessment, and what it says about our future

all of which give us a new glimmer of hope on the climate change front.  Also presented: the Climate EMERGENCY Countdown to an all-important agreement at the Paris talks and how each of us can contribute, and the necessity to rapidly switch $1.9 trillion annually in subsidies to fossil fuel corporations over to renewable energy technologies, in order to create a zero-carbon economy by mid-century. 

For more information, contact Peter at 629-3811 or Julie at

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George Hill Park May broom removal a great success!  See photos here.

PICA’s 5th Annual Beach Clean-up for Earth Day 2014
Photos by Eve Pollard

Eleanor, Amanda and Trinette at the registration table at the garbage drop-zone 2014

PICA’s fifth annual - Pender Islands 30th - Beach Clean-up was held on Saturday, April 19 2014 from 10 to noon on the Easter long weekend.  This year, the North Pender Island Local Trust Committee’s Stewardship Day was held in the afternoon, to educate locals, property owners and tourists about forage fish, eel grass, shoreline design and protection, the NMCA and other ocean issues.  Since Stewardship Day followed our annual event, the beach clean-up was advertised as part of an Island’s Trust mail-out to all oceanfront property owners.  An ad for both the PICA beach clean-up and Stewardship day appeared in the regional paper, the Island Tides.  Because this event was on the Easter long-weekend, part-time seasonal residents on the Penders were able to participate, and we were able to educate more tourists.

One construction bin was filled with beach debris, for a total of 670 kg for 2014.  This compares to 1,470 kg in 2010, the first year PICA sponsored the event, 575 kg in 2012, and 730 kg in 2013.  This year, 50 of 54 beaches were cleaned; and 114 persons were reported cleaning the beaches. 90 tickets (66 adults & 24 children) were entered in for the prize draws.  Over 70 people enjoyed a free chili lunch, thanks to the Women’s Circle, who made the food and served it at the community hall during the farmer’s market, and Michelle Marsden, who coordinated the kitchen volunteers.

CRD Director Dave Howe, his wife Ina Timmer, PICA volunteer Kelly Skrukwa, and Anne Burdett from PIWM were on the receiving end of the beach garbage at the drop-off point at Medicine Beach Market. Trinette Prior helped Amanda Griesbach greet beachcombers and registered people for the prize draw. North Pender Trustees Ken Hancock and Gary Steeves hosted Stewardship Day at the community hall, along with Mike Jones, SPI local trustee. Eve Pollard was the photographer for the event.

The Pender Island Field Naturalists (Hamilton Beach), the Pender Island Power and Sail Squadron (Shingle Bay), the Salish Sea RCMS&R (Camp Bay and Beaumont), Pender Island Parks and Recreation Commission (Otter Bay), the Pender Island Yacht Club (Thieves Bay), the Children of MacKinnon Road (beaches on MacKinnon Rd), Beach Bums, children and parents (Grimmer Bay) and PICA members (Medicine Beach).  PICA Beachcombers, who clean their adopted beaches monthly, also came out for the event and cleaned their adopted beaches or joined with a local group for the day.

Pender Island Waste Management hauled the garbage off-island, and their fees were covered by a grant from the CRD.  PIWM provides the wire cages for the recycling bags for free.   PICA is grateful to The Green Angels who donated funds to cover the costs of renting the hall and kitchen, the food for the meal and advertising the event.  Many thanks to the following local business, who donated prizes: a gift certificate from Slow Coast Café, Earth Day stickers and boat flag from Strait Arrow Enterprises (Trinette Prior), NPI LTC donated a large Earth Day Flag, and Driftwood Auto for the Tea Tree Marine Power Spray.


10 separate draws were awarded prizes & two special categories were awarded prizes:

1.Weird or What? 

2. The Most Styrofoam. 

Everyone received an Earth Day lapel pin. 

Garbage removal, bags and gloves paid by funding from the CRD.  Most of the other costs were covered by funding from the Green Angels.  Thank you!

CRD Director Dave Howe putting beach garbage in the bin at Pender’s Beach Clean-up 2014

Looking forward to 2015

Elizabeth Miles and Trinette Prior will be coordinating the beach clean-up event next year.  Elizabeth helped me with the posters and other tasks this year, while Trinette helped with registrations before and during the event, and with her map of the beaches combed for garbage.  Someone from the PICA board will need to write the grant application and send in the report to the CRD for funding.

Respectfully submitted,

Amanda Griesbach
PICA Beach Clean-up Coordinator

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Calendar Events for February, 2014
National Energy Board Accepts PICA’s Application

The National Energy Board has accepted PICA’s application to participate in the NEB hearings on the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion proposal.  The NEB required applicants to show they will be directly affected by the pipeline expansion before being allowed to participate.  PICA’s application emphasized that increased tanker traffic could have a direct impact on the sensitive marine environment of the North and South Pender Islands.  PICA will be making a formal submission in May/June when the NEB completes its preliminary review of the proposal and invites participants to comment on the proposal.  

An extract of the application to the NEB prepared by Paul Petrie and Graham Boffey on behalf of PICA follows:

Given PICA's mandate we have a direct interest and an obligation to participate in the NEB's consideration of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion. Since its formation the Society has completed a wide variety of successful projects aimed at mapping, acquiring, conserving and restoring ecologically sensitive lands.

PICA has considerable stewardship experience. It manages Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary on behalf of the Islands Trust Fund and has recently assisted in confirming this area as a forage fish breeding location....  The Hope Bay Salmon Stream Recovery Project has mapped the stream and its tributaries and released 1,000 chum salmon....

PICA has recently completed the community funding to establish Brooks Point Regional Park on the south-east tip of South Pender Island. The Park has 2100 feet of pristine shoreline with high foreshore ecological values. The Park... is a documented habitat of the rare Sharp-tailed snake protected by the Federal Species at Risk Act (SARA). Environment Canada has recently granted PICA $50,000 to protect this sensitive ecosystem. PICA therefore has a fiduciary responsibility and a direct interest in providing information and observations on the need to protect this important ecosystem from oil spills and other environmental impacts. The anticipated increased oil tanker traffic will transit Boundary Pass and be passing within 500 metres of Brooks Point.

Finally, increased oil tanker traffic would increase the number of vessels anchoring in ballast in Plumper Sound while awaiting a berth in the Port of Vancouver. Approximately three years ago a freighter anchored in this location dragged its anchor during a storm and could have grounded on the rocks. Such a situation resulting in damage to an oil tanker and a resulting spill could have catastrophic results for the Southern Gulf Islands' marine environment and economy.

Hummingbirds of British Columbia
Held Friday, February 21, 2014 in the Pender Islands Community Hall

Speaker Alison Moran coordinates the Hummingbird Project for Rocky Point Bird Observatory in Victoria. She obtained a PhD in molecular microbiology from the University of Glasgow in 1994 and is at present, a faculty member in the School of Environment and Sustainability at Royal Roads University. In 1997, Alison began volunteering on a hummingbird migration study headed by Cam Findlay and took over coordination of the project in 2009. She joined the board of RPBO in 2009. Alison is investigating habitat usage and range changes in Western hummingbirds. The project has participants throughout British Columbia and in Alberta.

Sponsored by the Pender Island
Field Naturalists

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PICA’s Annual Potluck Dinner February 7 2014
in the Pender Islands Parish Hall

Environmental lawyer David Boyd, "The Optimistic Environmentalist", spoke at 7 PM about how the actions of environmentalists have changed and are changing our world for the better.

A monaural audio recording of the presentation is here
Photos of the event may be viewed here

Saturday, February 8th in the Pender Islands Community Hall
Gulf Islands Alliance, Raincoast Conservation Foundation and GeorgiaStrait Alliance presented a public meeting to give you an opportunity to have your say about plans to quadruple the volume of Tar Sands oil shipped through the Salish Sea.

Calendar Events for September, 2013

What Nature May be Telling us About Adapting to Changing Climate

With Nikki Wright and Leanna Boyer.  1:30 to 4:30 PM
Upstairs at the Community Hall Saturday, September 21, 2013

The recent news about the sockeye salmon runs seems to be all bad.  The Skeena fishery has been closed entirely, due to the “desperately low numbers” of fish returning to the river to spawn.  The Fraser fishery has also been closed for all species of salmon.  “Record high in-water temperatures” in the river above Mission are expected to lead to excessive mortality of an already low number of returning fish.  According to Department of Fisheries and Oceans staff, up to 70% of the sockeye returning to the Fraser will die before reaching the spawning grounds.  Even the test fishery has been scaled back to “conserve dwindling salmon numbers”.  

This month’s showing of the Alexandra Morton film Salmon Confidential will look at what happens when a scientist tries to present factual information about how fish farming has introduced dangerous European salmon viruses into our wild salmon populations and the effect that these viruses are having on our native fish stocks.  The film documents Morton’s fight to make her findings public, despite the opposition of the government and the fish-farming industry.  Twyla Roscovich, the maker of the film and Morton’s colleague, will be on hand to discuss the film and answer questions.  Admission is by donation.

Despite all the bad news, there are a couple of good news fish stories.  Alexandra Morton is not alone in her fight.  The summer issue of the Ecojustice newsletter has as its front page “Disease & wild salmon don’t mix”.  Ecojustice, “on behalf of Alexandra Morton, is headed to Federal Court to challenge an aquaculture licence issued by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).”  To read more about this issue and about the most dangerous virus being introduced into wild salmon populations go to

The other piece of good news is the work being done by conservation groups all over the province who are working to restore salmon spawning streams and reintroduce native salmon to areas where they have not been seen for years or even decades.  One of these local efforts is our own Hope Bay Stream Salmon project.   We are now into our second year of sending baby chum salmon down the stream and into the ocean where they will remain for several years before returning to spawn.  Chum are shallow spawners and use small river channels and streams with relatively slow-moving waters to lay their eggs, so we hope to make the Hope Bay stream a better place for them to spawn and spend the first few weeks of their lives.  There are still invasive plants to remove, native species to plant, and stream beds to "renovate".  Volunteers are always welcome, no experience necessary.  More work will need to be done on the stream in the fall and we can also use volunteers to help again in the spring to monitor the stream, as we prepare for year three of sending baby chum off to the ocean.  To volunteer for this project contact Amanda at 250 629-3915.  

Later in the month, as part of the Near-shore Apocalypse follow-up series, Nikki Wright of SeaChange and Leanna Boyer from the Mayne Island Conservancy will present What Nature May be Telling us about Adapting to Changing Climate.  The presentation will provide us with an opportunity to learn more about shoreline dynamics, rising sea levels, and the effects of climate change on the marine ecosystems which surround us.  We hope to see you there.

Rhondda Porter

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Brooks Point Completion

In the August Pender Post we reported that the Greenangels woodchoppers had donated 13 cords of firewood at $300 a cord for Brooks Point.  Well, the woodchoppers didn’t stop at 13 cords.  They topped it up to 20 cords!  That is an incredible $6,000 we didn’t request and certainly didn’t expect.  Our hats off to the Greenangels woodchoppers and everyone who donated the wood (your tax receipts are in the mail) and to everyone who purchased a cord of this high quality firewood.  

PICA’s Chocolate Lily Cup II golf tournament at Prospect Lake course was a fundraising success.  We exceeded our goal of $4,500 by $250, thanks especially to generous sponsors including Greenangels Financial, our event sponsor, and hole sponsorship from Saunders Subaru, Poets Cove Resort, Island Savings, Odlum Brown Financial, The Pinch Group at Raymond James Financial, RBC Wealth Management, Island Tides, and Prospect Lake Golf Club.  We especially appreciate Poets Cove Resort offering a fabulous first prize accommodation package and Saunders Subaru offering a new Subaru for a hole-in-one on the 170 yard 7th hole.  Unfortunately, no one drove away in the impressive new Subaru. 

Big winners at the tournament included Jeff Bell’s team from the Times Colonist with low score.  Ruth Saunders won the longest-drive contest and closest-to-the-pin contest.  South Pender’s team, led by Frank Ducote, won most-honest-team honors with highest score.  Frank also won the ball-in-the-lake and closest-to-the-centre-line contests.  Honorable mention went to Michael Butler who played his first game in 41 years.  Dishonorable mention went to the unnamed South Pender duffer who sliced his drive from the 7th tee over the parking lot, just missing a car-in-one.

The silent auction was especially rewarding with a range of valuable pieces including a very limited edition print donated by Robert Bateman, a Nikon D3200 SLR camera from Wynne Powell and London Drugs, some great accommodation packages from God’s Mountain B&B on Skaha Lake and Morning Moon on Pender and Leslie Munro’s woven shawl of exotic wools.  All 13 auction items sold and contributed $2265 to the total.  Tom Watson, a Board member with The Land Conservancy was a double winner, donating the most auction items and also having the winning bid on the most items. 

One of the most significant contributions to our Brooks Point campaign is the wonderful video produced by David Ohnona and Joanne Green “For Future Generations,” showing the natural beauty of Brooks Point through a child’s eyes.  The video was previewed at the outdoor showing  of the Film Group’s film “The Kings of Summer”, to rave reviews!  This video presents the essence of PICA’s goal of protecting this ecological gem for future generations.  The footage of the Orcas in close to the Point helps capture the magic of Brooks Point.  You can view the video here.

PICA’s Brooks Point committee is currently pursuing land acquisition grants from the Federal Habitat Stewardship Program, The Vancouver Foundation, The MacLean Foundation and the Weeden Foundation. 

We were very pleased to hear that that a wannabe camper at Brooks Point in early August was informed by the RCMP that the ‘no camping’ sign meant exactly that.  The helpful constable escorted the individual to Prior Park.  Thank you.

Monica Petrie, Co-chair                                                                                                                                  PICA’s Brooks Point Committee

See more information here.

Brooks Point: One step closer to completion

August 20, 2013

traditional Scottish camouflage

The Pender Islands Conservancy Association’s Chocolate Lily Cup II golf tournament at Prospect Lake course was a fundraising success.  “The $4,880 raised takes us one step closer to protecting Brooks Point as a conservation area for future generations,” Monica Petrie, PICA’s fundraising co-chair, said.   “We especially appreciate Greenangels Woodchopers for stepping up as the event sponsor, Poets Cove Resort for providing a fabulous first prize accommodation package and Saunders Subaru for offering a new Subaru for a hole-in-one on the 170 yard 7th hole,” Petrie added.  Unfortunately, no one drove away in the impressive new Subaru Impreza. 

Big winners at the tournament included Jeff Bell’s team from the Times Colonist with low score, winners of Poets Cove Resort’s accommodation package and an overflowing basket of specialty items donated from Pender businesses and individuals.  Ruth Saunders, winner of the longest drive and closest to the pin contests, took home gift certificates from Chocolat, Muffet & Louisa and golf passes to Prospect Lake Golf course.  Oak Bay resident David Greer who organized the event for PICA said, "It was great to see so much enthusiastic support from Victoria for this special Gulf Islands Park."  

The silent auction was especially rewarding with a range of valuable items including a very limited edition print donated by Robert Bateman, a Nikon D3200 SLR camera from Wynne Powell and London Drugs, and some great accommodation packages from God’s Mountain B&B on Skaha Lake and Morning Moon on Pender, all contributing $2,265 to the total.  Tom Watson, a Board member with The Land Conservancy, was a double winner, donating the most auction items and also having the winning bid on the most number of items.

Petrie also acknowledged PICA’s appreciation for the generosity of other sponsors including Island Savings, Odlum Brown, The Pinch Group at Raymond James Financial, RBC Wealth Management Practice and Island Tides Regional Newspaper.

Read more information about Brooks Point
Photo by David Greer

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Greenangel Woodchoppers Hit the Mark

Three days before the July 16, 2013 Brooks Point Bocce Tournament,  Dave Howe of Greenangels offered up to 10 cords of firewood ($3,000) as a fundraiser for orders taken at the tournament.  Needless to say, this put a bit of a buzz in the air and by the time the bocce balls had stopped rolling, 13 cords had been ordered, bringing the total to $4,000 for Brooks Point.  Four days later Dave called to say the firewood total was at $5,000! Unbelievable, unless, of course, you believe in Greenangels.  

PICA sends a huge THANK YOU to the Greenangels woodchoppers for an amazing boost to our campaign.  Their generous and spirited contribution sets an inspiring example for our conservation partners in the greater Capital Region and beyond.

Photos of the event

PICA's $25,000 cheque to the CRD brings Brooks Point Regional Park one step closer to completion.

Whelks to Whales

Near-shore marine life  gathering with Rick Harbo was held at Medicine Beach June 23, 2013 "How climate change, plunging fish stocks & declining Orcas will affect all our futures"

Photos of the event

covenant sign

Annual PICA - Island Trust Fund Covenant Monitoring
The annual PICA - Island Trust Fund covenant monitoring
May 22 & 23

2013 AGM April 26

Annual Report
Speakers Paul & Monica Petrie - The Saga of Brooks Point

dsc 3510 1

4th Annual Beach Clean-up for Earth Day 

Saturday, April 20, 2013 at Medicine Beach

Pica’s 4th Annual Beach Clean-up
April 20, 2013

PICA's 4th Annual Beach Clean-up for Earth Day Saturday, April 20, 2013 at Medicine Beach prepared our island beaches for the springtime and summer seasons.  On hand to meet and assist participants with their car- and truck-loads of recyclables and detritus were North Pender Trustees Gary Steeves and Ken Hancock and South Pender Trustee Elizabeth Montague.  Our thanks to Anne and Mike Burdette for the big part they both played in our collection and distribution of beach trash and recyclables.

Thanks again to my team which helped me to orchestrate the day's activities.  

These are the groups which have adopted beaches for annual clean-up:

PICA - Medicine Beach

PIFN - Hamilton Beach

PIPRC - Otter Bay

Pender Pacers - Pender roads

Yacht Club - Thieves Bay Marina

Spring Leaves home-schooled kids and parents - Grimmer Bay

Beach Bums - Bricky Bay

RCM-SAR (Salish Sea) - Camp Bay and Beaumont

Kids of MacKinnon Road - Beaches of MacKinnon Road

Brooks Point - Monica and Paul Petrie, Wendy and Stuart Scholefield and friends

Ancia & adjoining beaches - Derek Holzapfel and Davy Rippner

Mortimor Spit - Barney Simpson

Peter's Cove North and South - Andy and Mary

Stanley Point Property Association - Stanley Point beaches

Last year, we collected 95 kg more than in 2011.  This year's totals will be available from the Burdettes on this page soon.

Prizes this year were donated by:

   * Uniquely U Fashions & Gifts
   * SeaFlora Skin Care Products organic & local from Shelley Easthope    
   * Angelines Hair Studio
   * Sladens

Funding for this event is provided by the CRD's clean-up fund.  Thank you to everyone for scouring our beaches and keeping our islands clean.  See the Pender Post for details of the clean-up.  Here is the gallery of those lucky enough to be seen at the drop-off site at Medicine Beach Centre and at work at the beaches:

Amanda Griesbach
PICA Beach Clean-up Coordinator

Protecting BC’s Gulf Islands

How land conservancies work with property owners
and donors to preserve the beauty and diversity of the
West Coast’s most popular cruising ground

April 8, 2013 article

CRD agrees to complete Brooks Point Regional Park
March 19, 2013 press release

April 17, 2013 BC's Lieutenant Governor visited  Pender Islands
The Honourable Judith Guichon spent the day meeting Penderites and touring our islands

Breakfast at Poets Cove
Brooks Point walk
School, clinic & Library
Fire Hall and Community Centre luncheon

What We Must Know About Our Shorelines
How climate change, plunging fish stocks & declining orcas will affect all our futures  click on link to view presentation slides of event

Coastal Engineer John S. Readshaw, P. Eng. Manager, Coastal Engineering and Dredging
SNC-Lavalin Inc
 spoke on North and South Pender Islands March 2, 2013  click on link to download poster for event

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Where Have all the Flowers Gone? - Impacts from deer and humans on our
natural environment

Presented by Peter Arcese, Professor and FRBC Chair of Applied Conservation in the UBC Faculty of Forestry at our annual potluck held February 8, 2013 at the Pender Anglican Hall.

A short video by John Carswell on shore erosion issues.

Experience the Gulf Islands
An introductory meeting was held Dec. 15, 2012 at the Hope Bay Bible Camp

Hope Bay Bible Camp Daphne removals
by the Salmon Restoration Project team   November 13, 2012   
See photos of removal


Upland & Near-shore Apocalypse

From the Green Shores Initiative Pender Islands Conservancy Association on October 13, 2012, assisted by Parks Canada, presented:

How Climate Change, Plunging Fish Stocks & Declining Orca Whales
Will Affect All Our Futures

Speakers and their Subjects
Photos from the Event
Pender Community Hall

Presentation documents and visuals:

View Nikki Wright's Eelgrass Meadows
View Steve Oates' Anchoring/Mooring
View Ramona de Graafs' Marine Shorelines as Critical Fish Habitats
View Peter Arcese & Tara Martin's Black-tailed Deer, Plant and Bird Populations 
View Rick Harbo's Whelks to Whales
View Marlow Pellatt's Climate Change, Upland Vegetation Interconnection w/Intertidal Areas
View John Readshaw's Expected Sea Level Rise

Pay your annual $15 membership fee here