Activities & Projects

To establish conservation covenants, PICA ...

provides property owners with information about the benefits of the Natural Areas Protection Tax Exemption Program of the Islands Trust and the Federal Ecological Gifts Program. The NAPTEP program offers a reduction of 65% of the property tax on covenanted land. The Ecological Gifts program offers savings in income tax based on the assessed value of the covenant.

holds 17 covenants on North Pender properties in partnership with the Islands Trust Fund.

participates in the yearly Islands Trust Fund covenant monitoring.

provides information on the Morrison-Waxler Biodiversity Protection Legacy Fund, a fund which offers financial assistance to property owners to help with the cost of placing a covenant on a property. The Morrison-Waxler Fund is administered by the Islands Trust Fund.

To help ensure the future of Brooks Point Regional Park, PICA ...

launched a fundraising drive in 2011 to complete Brooks Point Regional Park.  Fundraising was successfully concluded in March 2014 when the Brooks Point Completion Committee under the leadership of Paul and Monica Petrie handed the final cheque to the CRD.  PICA contributed $300,000 towards the acquisition of the land connecting Brooks Point and Gowlland Point.  

is participating in the drafting of a conservation covenant for Brooks Point Regional Park to ensure that it will be protected for future generations to enjoy.

is participating in the drafting of a new management plan for the park.

To protect watersheds, PICA ...

spearheaded the campaign to acquire the Shingle Creek watershed.  The fundraising campaign managed to raise half of the cost of purchasing the 43-acre watershed through grants, but unfortunately was unable to raise the remainder.  Protection of this watershed is an ongoing concern. 

spearheads the protection of Gardom Pond.

supported the mapping of wetlands of North Pender. 

encourages property owners with wetlands on their to consider protecting them with a covenant.

To support Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary, PICA ...

manages the sanctuary on behalf of the title holders, the Islands Trust Fund.

encourages visitors to respect the covenanted areas by marking the trails and placing information signs.

encourages dog owners to clean up after their dogs by installing two doggy-pots.

monitors the marsh and the upland covenant for invasive species.

To advance community education, PICA ...

organizes speaker events.

presents monthly articles in the Pender Post

publishes brochures including Welcome to Pender and Invasive Species.

has educational displays at the PICA booth at the local Farmers’ Market.

has volunteers at the booth to answer questions and provide written information. 

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Adopt-a-Beach and Annual Earth Day Beach Cleanup Photos
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Project Eagle Watch

Forage Fish Monitoring

CBC4Kids Christmas Bird Counts

Hope Bay Stream Salmon Restoration

Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary

Purple Martin Recovery Program & Yearly Reports

Shingle Creek Watershed Acquisition

Presentation documents and visuals:

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Eel Grass Restoration
Thank you to everyone who came out to the Eel Grass Event at Browning Harbour on August 19, 2015. The volunteers prepared 800 eel grass seedlings in 2.5 hours for Nikki Wright and the SeaChange team to transplant into Brackett Cove.   On behalf of all the fishes, thanks for the habitat restoration.  If you missed this event, more eel grass restoration events are planned for Pender.  

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