Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary

PICA manages Medicine Beach on behalf of Islands Trust Fund, with covenants on the Sanctuary held by Nature Conservancy of Canada and Habitat Acquisition Trust.

Fall 2014, PICA added two doggy-pots to the Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary, one near the parking lot, and the other on the trail from Aldridge Road. Please use them.

We have placed a sign in the parking area to discourage fires, camping, log removal and “doggy-do”. There are also new signs marking the trails. Help us protect this conservation covenant by staying on the marked trails.

Photos by Rhondda,
Ewa & Davy

Medicine Beach plaqueTrail sign 1 Nurse log with seedling firsDoggy pot signMed. Beach 4-part signthe entrance to the trail from the road img_1680-2_med_hrMedicine Beach marsh
IMG 2256

PICA board members Graham (project leader), Davy, Nuala Murphy of Islands Trust Fund, Ursula, Sara, Eleanor & Patti (Rhondda & Elizabeth were missed) in front of our Medicine Beach nature kiosk for a photo shoot for the Winter, 2017 edition of  The Heron, Islands Trust’s newsletter.

Med. Bch. DP New Loc

Doggie deposit - no other trash, please!

Med Beach 2018 002 Bench

Rest your peach

IMG 2900-Panorama

Medicine Beach Bay

Medicine Beach from the lookout

From the Medicine Beach parking lot

Along the trail

Young cedars beside the trail

Ferns in the wetter forested area

The trail though the woods

PICA’s forage fish monitoring project

Medicine Beach Cove

Management Plan for the Medicine Beach Nature Sanctuary
Prepared by PICA for the Islands Trust Fund Board in 1997, revised 2006

Contact Graham Boffey if you would like to participate in this project.

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