Forage Fish Monitoring

Help with PICA's on-going forage fish monitoring project.  Contact if you would like to participate.

Forage fish are the little fish that feed bigger fish and are an essential part of the Salish Sea ecosystem.

Medicine Beach has all the right features to be a spawning site; we'll try to find evidence of eggs in the sandy gravel along the tide line.

Dress warmly and wear boots (there may be some wading).

No experience is required.  The next session will be announced on our home page and detailed here.

September 25, 2012 letter to CRD Chair Brice

Ms. Susan Brice, Chair
CRD Regional Parks Committee 
525 Fisgard Street
Victoria, BC.  V8W 1R7

Dear Ms. Brice,
RE: Brooks Point Completion

We write on behalf of PICA to thank you and your Committee members for the opportunity to make a presentation at your September 19th meeting and to respond to questions from members of the Committee.  I indicated I would discuss the questions we were unable to answer at the meeting with our fundraising committee and provide you with our resopnse. 

Mr Hicks asked what PICA’s long term fundraising goal is.  At the meeting I explained that we have set the goal of $60,000 to $100,000 in the coming year with a focus on seeking land acquisition grants from granting organizations who share our commitment to environmental protection.  I indicated that Mountain Equipment Coop had contributed $35,000 to the acquisition of Brooks Point in 1999 and we are optimistic that we can qualify for a follow-up grant with our October 2012 application to MEC.

We appreciate that TLC’s current difficulties have compromised their ability to meet their funding commitment to the CRD that was made at the time of the acquisition.  Our fundraising committee has given careful consideration to Mr. Hick’s question and we are confident that we can commit to raising $150,000 to support completion of Brooks Point Regional Park in addition to the $151,770 we have raised to date.  

In addition to the 2013 grant application initiative, we are exploring the possibility of replacing the TLC as a partner with Poets Cove Resort with respect to their Chocolate Lily Package that has raised approximately $18,000 in the last six months in support of Brooks Point Completion.  We hope to persuade the resort’s management and ownership to continue that program to 2015.  This could raise between $36,000 and $40,000 in the next two years.

PICA’s fundraising committee is also committed to at least one major fundraising event each year going forward.  Plans are currently under way to explore a Chocolate Lily fundraising concert this coming spring (using the model planned for the November 10th fundraising concert for Our Place Society at Alix Goolden Hall that includes a $30 charitable receipt with every $49 ticket.)  This would raise between $20,000 and $24,000.

We will also explore the possibility of a Victoria focused fundraising drive in cooperation with one or more of our conservation partners from Victoria.  Habitat Acquisition Trust was one of the contributors to the acquisition of Brooks Point in 1999 and has expressed a strong interest in protecting the habitat of the Sharp-tailed Snake found on the new acquisition in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Species At Risk Act.  We have had initial discussions with HAT’s executive director regarding this.

Although our committee is 100% volunteer, our fundraising on Pender Island to date provides an indication of our energy and commitment to complete Brooks Point Regional Park.  We will supplement the above ideas as we move forward and will consider a final wrap up fundraising initiative on Pender in 2014.  We are confident we can meet and possibly exceed our additional $150,000 commitment by that date. 

In exchange for this commitment, we respectfully request the CRD to remove the subdivision and possible sale option from the table at this time as a positive gesture of good faith and recognition of PICA’s efforts to date. We recognize that there may be a view by some that the possibility of subdivision is necessary to act as an ‘incentive’ to continue fundraising.  However, that view fails to appreciate the community's and PICA’s strong commitment to protect this ecological gem in its entirety and implies a possible lack of faith in our commitment to see this through to completion. A decision by the CRD at this time to reject the subdivision and/ or sale of the new acquisition will, in fact, give PICA the vote of support that will enhance our ability to raise the additional $150,000 by the end of 2014.  As indicated at the meeting, PICA will transfer to the CRD the $151,770 raised to date immediately following that decision.  

PICA's solid commitment and our reliable partnership to complete Brooks Point Regional Park is driven by the need to protect this special place.  That is all the incentive we require.  Our partnership with the CRD goes beyond the fundraising to complete the Park and extends to being a steward with the CRD of this ecological gem for future generations.  We believe that a positive gesture of support by the CRD for PICA’s efforts to date and the CRD’s recognition of our commitment to raise an additional $150,000 will provide the momentum necessary to achieve our goal.

We request an opportunity to make a brief presentation at the November 21st Regional Parks Committee meeting in support of this proposal and to answer any questions you and your Committee may have so that we may move forward together to complete Brooks Point Regional Park.  

Yours Truly,

Monica and Paul Petrie, co-chairs
Brooks Point Fund Raising Committee

cc: Lloyd Rushton, CRD
     David Howe, SGI Director
     Sylvia Pincott, President PICA