2014 May 10 George Hill Broom Bash

Saturday, May 10, 9am to noon, everyone,  including families and children, is welcome to join in the broom bash in George Hill Park.  

Children can help pull up the small seedlings of broom.  Our goal is to remove the invasive broom and to restore the native habitat of this park.  

Come and see the spring flowers of the Garry Oak ecosystem: fawn lilies, chocolate lilies, nodding onions and camas.  

Lunch and music entertainment for volunteers will follow between noon and 2pm.  

Meeting place is at the trailhead at the top end of the Upper Terrace Road.  (Parking is limited in Port Washington area so carpooling is recommended.)  

Please bring gloves, hat & water.  Those who are available to cut down the broom need to bring loppers or a small saw. 

This event is sponsored by the Pender Island Field Naturalists, and supported by PIPRC, CRD and PICA.  

Please register in advance by phoning Jackie Gill at (250) 629-0047.

If PICA members would like to help with any of these activities, please contact Jackie Gill at (250) 629-0047 or email jackie4740@shaw.ca

    - welcome volunteers and have them sign-in

    - help with parking in neighbourhood

    - help serve lunch or refreshments (or provide a plate of baked goodies)

    - help with broom cutting

    - act as an "area captain" (oversee a small group of broom-cutting volunteers, take them to an area, show them how to cut and pile broom, monitor their progress, "cheerlead", encourage)

    - as a "naturalist", join a group of volunteers to make the broom cutting activities fun and interesting by finding and identifying native plants in their area, explaining importance of what they are doing, using your binoculars to identify birds, etc., particularly with volunteer families and children.