2013 annual report


Report from the Board for Annual General Meeting

26 April 2013

Serving on the PICA Board of Directors during the past year have been:

Sylvia Pincott  President
Eleanor  Brownlee Vice President
Rhondda Porter   Secretary
Ursula Poepel  Treasurer
Graham Boffey  Medicine Beach & Grant Applications
Sue Kronen  Speaker events & e-mail
Davy Rippner  Photographer & Webmaster

In January 2013, our President, Sylvia Pincott, tendered her resignation to the Board.

“Dear PICA Board and Committee Members,

As President of PICA I’ve had the privilege of working with a fine team of Board and Committee members, and I’ve made many friends. Together we have met with significant environmental challenges and achievements. I regret that due to ongoing health concerns, I must resign from the PICA Board.

I know each of you bring your own special talents and interests to the organization and in your capable hands PICA will continue to succeed in preserving, as much as possible, the natural environment of Pender Island.

Thank you for your caring support over the years, and especially these past months during my illness. Your kindness is dearly appreciated.”

The Board accepted her resignation with regret and expressed their gratitude for her years of dedication to PICA and to preserving the special places on the Penders.

The rest of the Board have agreed to continue and are looking forward to having a few new faces join them for the following year.

The Board would also like to acknowledge the many volunteers who help in so many different ways but special thanks go to…

  • Amanda Greisbach and Lisa Fleming and all the volunteers involved with the Hope Bay Stream Salmon Project.
  • Paul and Monica Petrie and the members of the Brooks Point Completion Committee.
  • The Forage Fish Monitoring team who turn up on Medicine Beach when the tides are right, despite the weather.
  • Amanda Greisbach and the many Adopt-a-Beach volunteers who patrol the beaches and remove debris.
  • Sara Steil who organized the amazing “Shoreline Apocalypse” event last October and who continues to arrange for additional shoreline events.

Brooks Point

In March of this year, PICA entered into a contribution agreement with the CRD to raise an additional $150,000 through grants and off-island donations in return for the CRD Board’s agreement that Phase 3 of Brooks Point would not be sub-divided or resold. The 1.17 hectare waterfront property linking Brooks Point and Gowlland Point will now become part of Brooks Point Regional Park.

In addition to the members of the Brooks Point Completion Committee, the Board would like to thank Poet’s Cove for their support of Brooks Point through their chocolate lily package. A special vote of thanks goes to Walter Kohli, who came to the CRD meeting and spoke so eloquently in support of Brooks Point.

Protection of the Shingle Creek Watershed

Despite the hard work of Graham Boffey and other members of the Shingle Creek community Watershed Acquisition Committee, the purchase and conservation of the 43 acre Shingle Creek watershed was not possible.

PICA had been chosen by Nature Conservancy Canada as recipient of a conditional grant in the amount of $458,000 towards purchase of the watershed. However, this was a “matching” grant, requiring PICA to come up with similar funds to complete the purchase. Unfortunately, last July, it was announced that PICA’s application to the Royal Bank’s “Blue Water Fund” for a land acquisition grant had not been successful.

PICA Website

Thanks to the hard work of Davy Rippner, the PICA website is up and running. In addition to information about PICA events the website contains an archive of Pender Post articles, photographs, and links to useful information. Soon there will be a special section on the website devoted to Brooks Point Regional Park.

Financial Audit

An annual financial audit is usually a condition of applying for large grants, particularly when the funds are going to be used for land acquisition. We have had Audits prepared for us for the years 2010 and 2011. We have begun the process of arranging to have an audit completed for 2012.

Conservation Covenants

Encouraging property owners to place conservation covenants on environmentally sensitive areas and special ecosystems continues to be an important part of what PICA does. PICA and the Islands Trust Fund are co-covenant holders on 17 covenants. We are very grateful for all the property owners who have covenanted portions of their land, so that the land will be protected in perpetuity. We are also grateful to The Nancy Waxler-Morrison Biodiversity Protection Fund which offers financial assistance to cover the costs of covenanting.

Conservation Projects

PICA supports a number of conservation projects including:

Project Eagle Watch

David Manning continued to monitor eagle nests on Pender for PICA. There were 18 occupied territories in 2012, 9 successful eagle nests, and 12 confirmed eaglets fledged. David also confirmed that 7 osprey chicks and 2 peregrine falcon chicks fledged.

David will continue to monitor the eagles on a volunteer basis and intends to maintain contact with his raptor monitoring team.

Purple Martin Recovery Program

In the 1990’s the Western Purple Martin came close to extirpation in southwestern British Columbia. PICA has participated in the Purple Martin Recovery Program since 2007, with specially designed nest boxes mounted on pilings in several locations along Pender shores. Bob Vergette and his team of volunteers check the boxes, clean them out in the spring, and help band the chicks. If you are interested in joining the Purple Martin Team contact Bob Vergette.

The Board has a number of project committees that require volunteers.

We are looking for more volunteers to work with Graham Boffey and our new Stewardship Committee. This group will be involved with…

  • covenant monitoring and education
  • Medicine Beach
  • Magic Lake monitoring
  • Invasive species removal

We are also looking for volunteers to assist Sue Kronen with Educational Event planning, publicity, displays, and the preparation of educational materials.

PICA is only as strong as its members and the Board would like to encourage everyone with an interest in conservation to jump on ‘board’ and get involved with one or more of our projects!

The following groups will tender their own reports at the AGM:

  • Forage Fish Monitoring – Eleanor Brownlee
  • Hope Bay Stream Salmon Project – Amanda Greisbach
  • Medicine Beach – Graham Boffey
  • Beach Clean-up – Amanda Greisbach
  • Educational Events – Sue Kronen

On behalf of the Board of Directors
Rhondda Porter, Secretary

April 2013

Letters from the Board of Directors

Agenda for 2013 Annual General Meeting

Pender Island Community Hall Lounge April 26 at 7:30 PM

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes of AGM of May 15, 2012

Financial Report: 2012 year-end report and 2013 Budget: Graham Boffey

Report from the Board: Rhondda Porter

The AGM agenda, the Minutes of the 2012 AGM, and the Report from the Board were sent to members via email prior to the AGM.

Committee Reports:

Forage Fish Monitoring – Eleanor Brownlee

Hope Bay Stream Salmon Project – Amanda Greisbach

Medicine Beach – Graham Boffey

Beach Clean-up and Adopt-a-Beach – Amanda Greisbach

Educational Events – Sue Kronen

Election of Directors: Graham Boffey

Up to 10 Directors are elected for a two-year term.

The Following Directors have offered to continue:

Graham Boffey, Eleanor Brownlee, Sue Kronen, Ursula Poepel, Rhondda Porter, Davy Rippner

Retiring: Sylvia Pincott

Candidates: Paul Petrie has been nominated and has accepted the nomination.

Nominations from the floor:

Other Business:

Motion to Adjourn Business Portion of Meeting

Break for Refreshments

Speakers: Paul and Monica Petrie “The Saga of Brooks Point”

Paul and Monica will enlighten and entertain us with their adventures reaching the completion of Brooks Point Regional Park and protection of one of the last intact coastal headlands in the Gulf Islands.